It’s no secret that the mobile revolution is already here. Everyone’s been abuzz with talk about the need for websites to be mobile-ready and responsive for years now. But considering mobile device usage accounts for 55% of all internet activity, now is the perfect time to ensure any site you work with looks just as good on a mobile device as it does on a standard computer. […]


Top of the Line Web Building Tools and Platforms for 2017

It’s always exciting to see new or upgraded website building tools and platforms. Newer isn’t necessarily better of course, and upgrades do not always mean game-changing changes have taken place. The very best tools and platforms are out there of course, but it often takes some serious digging to locate them.

It helps to know what to look for. Price and ease of use are important but characteristics like flexibility and customizability tend to set the top-tier website builders apart from the rest. […]


3 Reasons to Invest in Great Web Design

Web design is the core of the digital web experience. Web design determines how sites look, how they function, how they relate to the overall brand narrative, and so much more. Companies like WSI are the best web designers Northern Ireland has to offer, but many people are tempted to forego professional web design services in favor of the DIY approach. While this may work in some circumstances, hiring the pros will almost always yield better results. […]


How to Make Sure Your Site is Up-to-Date: The 10 Most Important Factors

Creating and launching a website is a great deal. However, if you think that once you launch a website, you’re done, you’re likely to miss quite a lot. A website requires constant care and regular updates.

Why is updating a website important?

There are several quite important factors why you should consider regular investments to your online presence. These factors are: […]


UX Principle: How to Design your Homepage for eCommerce site

App developer and computer programmer of WebClinicalWorks Pvt. Ltd.- Android Application Development Services, Amanda Cline explains three easy, hassle-free ways you can develop high performing mobile apps.

Everything has a user-experience: may it be a drive in Porsche, may it be using iOS 9 on your iPhone, or may it be using a website. As a UX designer, the challenge you face is to provide the best UX and least hindrance as possible for the user. UX design (UXD) involves a lot of research to understand the user and how they behave on the website. […]


Why Do I Need a Website?

You might be wondering — why do I need a website? It can seem like a bit of a luxury when you are just starting a business. And even some local businesses don’t really see the need. Not only that, but a website can seem like an intimidating and complex thing to build, especially when you have no experience with them.

Luckily there are professionals who can help you out, and make the process a fun and easy one, instead of a painful and scary one. But before you even get to that point, you need to understand why you should really have a website.

Why it is perhaps one of the most fundamental things you need for your business. Everyone is looking for you online — the whole world is on the internet.[…]


When did blog comments die?

I disabled comments on this blog and a few other some time ago because I couldn’t keep up deleting spam and it was getting embarrassing. I decided to clean the old ones up, add more protection (captcha? 1 + 5 = ?) and enable again. Needless to say, I failed because of procrastinating at step #1.

But is it worth enabling comments again? Do people even comment on blogs anymore? have the discussions moved to social sites – Facebook, Reddit, Hacker news (or other niche networks)?[…]