4 Reasons Why Every Blogger Needs To Write A Book

Imagine you have a friend who excitedly tells you that he’s learning to cook. Every day he spends hours planning out recipes, buying ingredients, chopping, grilling, and seasoning until he finally has the perfect creation.

And then, after all of his hard work, he takes a few bites and throws away the rest.

Frustrating, right? […]


9 Tools to Outsource Your Content: Graphic, Text and Video

Running a business takes a lot of hard work, time, and skill. You’re great at the business part, but how about your marketing? Social media is the best way to get the word out there about your business, but it may not be your strong suit. Outsourcing your content creation can be the best way to market yourself effectively in the online marketplace, without sacrificing your own time on the effort. If you’re thinking about outsourcing your content creation, try out these nine tools. […]


6 Web Design Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

After putting a ton of thought into your sales offers, it can be disheartening to have customers abandon the shopping cart at the point of sale. However, the problem might not be in your offerings, but instead in your web design. To improve your conversion rate and avoid high cart abandonment statistics on your site, adopt some of these best practices in your web design. […]


Zen Cart Shopping Cart Software

Running an online storefront isn’t generally seen as an easy task, at least if you’re the one adding the product descriptions, product images, managing inventory and dealing with receiving the payments and managing product delivery. In fact, running an eCommerce shop can be an outright chore, with the headaches exponentially increased if you’re using the wrong shopping cart software. There is nothing worse than running an eCommerce store with shopping cart software that fails to provide the features you need to run your business successfully. […]


5 Steps to Building an eCommerce Website

Starting an eCommerce business is hard work. To be successful, you must continually evaluate your site, your sales, and your profits. Before you start building an eCommerce website, you need to consider how you sell your products. Think about if your products offer color choices, size choices, use a sliding price scale, and how many items will be included in a typical order.



Gift cards possess huge potential for merchants who want to increase revenue, acquire new customers and get their brand noticed.

It’s generally believed that a gift card program is a marketing tool perfect only for the biggest holiday season or that it can be applied merely by big brands. However, gift cards can be a great tool to drive customers and increase sales, regardless of the season or the brand size. […]


Academic Final Year Project Training in Surat

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