Code Optimization: The Optimal Way to Optimize

Performance optimization is one of the biggest threats to your code.

You may be thinking, not another one of those people. I understand. Optimization of any kind should clearly be a good thing, judging by its etymology, so naturally, you want to be good at it.

Not just to set yourself apart from the crowd as a better developer. Not just to avoid being “Dan” on The Daily WTF, but because you believe code optimization is the Right Thing to Do™. You take pride in your work. […]


Live Project Training

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The 3 Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers + Which One You Should Pick

 your conversion rates and ultimately where your site ranks in Google’s organic search results.How quickly your website loads affects everything from your visitors’ user experienceto stAll that adds up to the fact that you need to put a focus on making sure your WordPress site loads as quickly as possible. A big part of that is installing tools and plugins to help your site load faer.