The Best Tools That Will Help You Build A Profitable, High-Converting Landing Page In Minutes

Sometimes, what you need is a single high-converting landing page to break the bank, and I’ll prove it:

Conversion Rate professionals generated $1 million for Moz with a single landing page, an attractive call to action, and a few emails.

But even if you do not make that amount, a very high converting landing page can be the cornerstone of a successful internet business.

Landing pages are a critical part of any internet-based business. You can’t just publish a blog post every week hoping to capture new business; you need to capture the readers that come to your blog to read those posts.

Landing pages are also one of the best options when it comes to efficiently getting people’s email addresses. And, while landing pages generally have a higher conversion rate than ordinary blog posts or generic pages, landing page conversion rates can differ dramatically.

The typical landing page converts at about 5 -15 percent, but some landing pages that are very optimized convert at 30 percent or above.

However, there are 3 major reasons why marketers and website owners are hesitant to using landing pages in suitable situations:

  • They are too difficult to create and/or consume a lot of time.
  • They’ve never achieved incredible conversion rates in the past.
  • They have no idea how to systematically enhance their landing pages.

The good part?

All these problems can be solved with some good landing page tools that’ll help you get up and running so you can get to the next step, A/B testing.

Here, I’ve compiled a list of the best tools that’ll make it easier for you to build great landing pages.

The Best Tools To Help Build Profitable, High-Converting Landing Pages

When you want to make a landing page for your business, you normally have just a few available options. You can either hire a developer (which will be expensive), or you can try creating one yourself.

However, if you lack the technical expertise, your landing page won’t turn out to be so good; and even if you do have the experience, you’re still going to spend a lot of time creating it.

But there are lots of tools that let you use predefined templates and allow you to edit in whatever messages and features you’d like. So instead of spending hours building a landing page, you can use a template and customize it in a matter of minutes.

Here are some of the best tools to help you with that…

1. Leadpages

The first and probably most familiar landing page tool among internet marketers is Leadpages. The majority of the pro bloggers that you’re following probably use this landing page builder.

Leadpages is primarily a landing page builder, however, the higher tier plans give you access to advanced content creator features such as Leadboxes and A/B testing (more about this in a second).

Not only does Leadpages have a massive selection of templates, you can also sort them by their expected conversion rates. This is why it is seen as one of the best landing page tools on the internet.

Note: These conversion rates are based on past performance and are not indicators of what your actual conversion rate will be.

With Leadpages, most of the templates aren’t free to use. They typically cost an extra $10 to $15 each, which adds a lot to the cost. But in my opinion, they are well worth the price.

And like most other landing page builders, Leadpages has an analytics section that lets you split test different landing pages and see their performance:

And while Leadpages’s page editor is quite robust, it is still fairly easy to use.

Here’s an example of Leadpages in action:

This pop-up is called a “Leadbox” which comes with every Pro Leadpages account.

These pop-ups can be configured to show when a visitor clicks a link in your blog content, which is why they are often used for content upgrades.

For more on Leadboxes, check out this article.

Leadpages offers three payment plans:

  • Standard — $25/month
  • Pro — $48/month
  • Advanced — $199/month

Check out Leadpages

Here are a few articles related to Leadpages that you should read next:

  • The Complete Review of Leadpages: Popular Landing Page Creator Tool
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  • How To Setup a Lead Magnet within Blog Posts Using LeadPages

2. ClickFunnels

Running for over 3 years now, ClickFunnels has been a proven leader in the internet marketing world.

Unlike other landing page builders, ClickFunnels is meant for creating different types of marketing funnels.

What’s a marketing funnel?

Essentially, it’s a series of pages your website users pass through to reach your desired goal.

A good example of marketing funnel may look something like this:

A basic Lead Capture Funnel can be made up of 2 pages which captures a website visitor’s email and then redirects them to a simple “Thank You Page” upon signing up.

Or you could also have a more advanced sales funnel that consists of multiple pages which sells to a visitor at every step of the funnel.

It all depends on your goal.

With this incredible tool, you can quickly build:

  • Lead Capture/Optin Funnels
  • Webinar Funnels
  • Sales Page Funnels
  • Membership Sites

Just like other landing page builders, ClickFunnels comes with its own stunning set of pre-made templates for all the different types of funnel it allows you to build.

However, you can also build your landing pages from scratch using the ClickFunnels Editor.

With the ClickFunnels Editor, you can easily put together different pages of your marketing funnel via point and click.

No coding is required to use ClickFunnels, and anyone can easily use it to design something seductive in a matter of minutes.

You can effortlessly move elements around and position them where ever you want – this is something that is not allowed with the Leadpages editor.

ClickFunnels offers two pricing options:

  • $97/month
  • $297/month

You also have the opportunity to try it for 14 days before deciding to buy.

3. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a powerful landing page builder for WordPress that comes with a simple drag and drop editor and a huge selection of pre-made templates for different purposes.

You can pretty much customize almost any aspect of a landing page with Thrive Architect.

While creating a page, you can decide to start from the ground up or select from one of the over 150 available templates:

The problem with most similar WordPress plugins is that even though you have a great selection of templates to work with, you’ll soon realize that they are not consistent.

For example, your opt-in form looks different than your thank you page which looks different from your upsell page, etc.

Well, that’s the way most landing page plugins work – but not Thrive Architect.

Their landing pages are built in sets to make sure your visitors always get a consistent experience all throughout your entire sales funnel.

I’m talking about:

  • Squeeze pages
  • Sales pages
  • Confirmation pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Webinar pages
  • Etc.

Like most other page builders, Thrive Architect gives you access to themed sets. That means that you have an entire landing page set dedicated to lead generations, online courses, webinars, podcasts, etc.

If you’re looking for a reliable, mobile-responsive, and affordable landing page tool, you should really give Thrive Architect a test.


  • Over 150 pre-made templates.
  • Undo and redo functionality.
  • Full-width layouts supporting every WordPress theme.
  • Designed with speed in mind.
  • Build custom page layouts starting from a completely blank page.
  • Supports external shortcodes within the editor.
  • Almost every aspect of your landing pages is customizable.
  • Lots of conversion-focused elements.
  • Edit both posts and pages.
  • Editor loads super fast.
  • Works with almost every email marketing service provider.

…And lots of other mouth-watering features.

For each one of their plans, you get unlimited free updates and a full year of support. Their pricing structure goes by the amount of licenses you buy:

  • $67 – 1 site
  • $97 – 5 sites
  • $147 – 15 sites

4. OptimizePress

What if you could build beautiful squeeze pages, sales pages, membership sites, blogs, and even more, in just a couple of minutes?

Well, this is exactly what OptimizePress will do for you.

OptimizePress is a WordPress theme and plugin for building membership sites and landing pages without having any knowledge of coding.

For over two years now, OptimizePress has revolutionized the way internet marketers sell their products online.

Even if you’ve never heard of this amazing page builder before, I’ll bet that you’ve recently visited a website that uses it. OptimizePress is used in most of the squeeze pages, product launches, and membership sites that I’ve come across in the last couple of years.

Like all the other page building tools I’ve mentioned here, OptimizePress is super easy to use, and it’s very mobile responsive.

It also has a whole lot of templates to help you design any kind of landing page you want.


  • Lots of page templates available.
  • Advanced editor which allows for smooth customization.
  • You have access to the Optimize Marketplace where you can find extra templates. This includes both free and paid templates.
  • Huge selection of elements you can include on your landing pages.
  • Both plugin and theme version available.
  • Features a membership plugin (based on the S2 member plugin with some tweaks).
  • Enables 2-step opt-in functionality.

Their pricing packages come in two forms:

  • Core Package for $97
  • Publisher Package for $197
  • Pro Package for $297

5. Instapage

Instapage is one of the most popular landing page creators on the internet.

Even though this landing page builder is super cheap, it has almost all of the same essential features that the big guns in the industry offer.

With this tool, you can easily drag and drop your desired elements in and out of your landing page, as well as edit them just by simply clicking on them.

It also has a built-in A/B split testing feature so that you can fully optimize the conversion rate of your page after you’ve created the first version.

Interestingly, I think the Instapage page editor is easier to use than most of the other builders out there. However, this can be either a good or a bad thing, depending on your skillset and needs.

Instapage are also very responsive, so you don’t have to worry about your mobile users.

If you’re not so technical, Instapage’s simplicity is going to be really helpful for you. Interestingly, you can still achieve 99% of the same things the more technical tools offer.

However, if you’re like me and love having total control over everything, you’ll probably be more satisfied with another tool that offers bigger customization options.

Once you’ve built a page with Instapage, you can decide how you’d like to publish it with your content:

They also let you publish your page on their own domain (e.g. which I don’t recommend.

If you choose “Custom Domain”, they will offer you an option to integrate your domain with your Instapage account so you can publish the landing page directly to your website.

You only have to set this up once for each domain.

You can also use Instapage’s WordPress plugin. It lets you synchronize your landing page from your Instapage account to your website in just a few clicks.

Instapage is probably the best option for a small budget.

Instapage pricing is offered on three levels:

  • Core at $68/month (billed annually) or $76 monthly
  • Optimizer at $113/month (billed annually) or $126 monthly
  • Team & Agency at $203/month (billed annually) or $225 monthly

6. Unbounce

One of the best and most widely used landing page builders out there is Unbounce – named to imply that visitors to their landing pages convert instead of “bouncing”.

Just like the others mentioned here, the reason that Unbounce is so simple to use is that it’s a drag and drop editor. This makes it perfect for newbie and non-technical marketers.

You can simply select elements (images, text boxes, videos, forms, etc.) from the side menus and drag them into any section on your landing page based on what you want. And, of course, you can also edit them afterward however you want.

Another essential feature of Unbounce is that every landing page you create with it will be very responsive.

With the mobile responsive feature of Unbounce, visitors will see the landing page as it was intended, whether they are on a mobile device or a laptop.

Like many of the others, Unbounce also lets you conduct A/B split testing to know what works best in terms of conversion.

With a landing page tool like Unbounce, you no longer have to worry about not being a tech whiz, as you will simply drag, drop, and edit any field based on what you want. It is basically a visual editor in how you design a landing page.

Finally, Unbounce has a wide variety of pre-made templates (that you can even see without signing up):

While you can actually design your page from scratch, this would be time-consuming.

Instead, you can use one of the templates that were built by someone else. As you can see in the screenshot above, other Unbounce users can vote on their favorite templates, so you’ll see the very best converting landing pages first.

Unbounce have three payment levels:

  • Essential for $79/month
  • Premium for $159/month
  • Enterprise starting from $399/month

Conclusion – The Best Landing Page Builders

Landing pages are critical for a successful internet business. They are undoubtedly the best means of acquiring a prospect’s information and further moving them down your sales funnel.

However, if you’re not yet building your own landing pages because you think it’s too time-consuming or too tedious, you’re really neglecting the enormous power they potentially hold.

In other words, if you’re not making high-converting landing pages, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

And you should never do that.

Which one of these landing page builders is your favorite? Which ones have you tried and which ones would you like to try? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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