25 Amazing Pinterest Facts

Pinterest, the virtual inspiration board where users “pin” their interests, as if they were on a bulletin board.

You know this.

However, how much do you truly know about one of the fastest growing social media platforms this decade has seen?

Here are 25 amazing Pinterest facts to test your knowledge.

#1 Pinterest has over 100 million users.


Over 100 million people use Pinterest and of that, 85% are females.

Most users of Pinterest are between the ages of 25-34(27.4%) and 35 to 44(22.1%).

Unlike platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, who are dominated by 18-24 year olds, mothers (50% of users have children) who are well off ($50,000+ annual household income) dominate Pinterest.

#2 81% of U.S. women online trust Pinterest as a source for information and advice.

Pinterest is considered one of the most trust worthy sites when it comes to news and advice.

Facebook and Twitter lag behind at 67% and 73%, respectively.

#3 The most popular pin categories are crafts, recipes and quotes.


“Stay-at-home” moms have a large presence on Pinterest.

Pinterest is also popular among designers, teachers, students and bloggers.

Consequently, crafts and recipes are some of the most popular categories.

#4 Men on Pinterest have different interests.

Even though men don’t make up a large part of the Pinterest population, they still have interests that might surprise you.

Men’s interests differ greatly from female interests.

As you may heave guessed, men are interested in technology.

Men being interested in gardening is less obvious.

#5 Most Pinterest users live in the Midwest.


The audience for Pinterest in states such as Missouri, Utah, Alabama, Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa are twice or three times other states’ audience for other social networks.


People in the Midwest have a high interest in hobbies and crafts – the #1 pinned category on Pinterest.

#6 Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social networking site.

Behind Twitter and Facebook of course (growth-wise), Pinterest ranks number three.

With LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube right behind it.

#7 Users spend 4.5 more time on Pinterest than Linkedin.

It turns out that people like indulging in their wants, needs and desires a little more than networking.

Instead of spending time on Linkedin and building their professional profile, most users would rather spend their time on Pinterest and share interests.

#8 25% of Fortune Global 100 companies have Pinterest accounts.

This is still pretty low when compared to YouTube and Facebook.

Considering Pinterest’s growth rate, that number is expected to climb.

#9 Users stay on Pinterest 2-3x longer than Twitter.

Pinterest, at this time, is better at engaging and keeping users on the site.

More than Twitter was at a similar time in history.

What are the numbers? Thanks for asking.

Users spend and average time of 1 hour and 17 minutes on Pinterest compared to only 36 minutes on Twitter.

#10 88% of people purchase a product that they pinned.

Do people like to pin your product? If so, get ready for sales.

In addition, 49% of people actually purchased 5 or more products as they pinned.


…almost half of the user who pin, purchase 5 items each.

#11 There are BILLIONS of pins out there!

Pinterest users have generated more those 30 billion pins over 4 years.

These pins range from products, interior design, architecture, clothing, places, tutorials, and even fan art and fan fiction.

#12 57% of users went to college.

Actually, 57% of Pinterest users went and graduated from a 4-year university.

Their careers/occupations range from designers and teachers to full-time mothers and bloggers.

#13 Consumers are 10% more likely to purchase on Pinterest.

Pinterest pins are worth more than FaceBook likes.

You read correctly.

Consumers are 10% more likely to purchase something they saw on Pinterest rather than on Facebook.

Pinterest actually gets around 41% of e-commerce traffic compared to other social media sites.

Pinterest also generates over 400% more revenue per click as Twitter and 27% more than Facebook

#14 Active pinners watch less TV and read less.

Active Pinterest users watch TV two or three hours less than non-users and they would rather use Pinterest than read magazines or catalogs.

Wait, people still read magazines and catalogs?

Pinterest users also use Pinterest as a search engine when searching for items.

#15 Pinterest is valued at about $11 billion.


#16 Pinterest was the fastest social network to hit the 10 million visitor mark.

Holy smoke!

#17 Images without faces are 23% more likely to be re-pinned.

This is contrary to most other social networking sites where posts containing faces are more likely to be liked, shared, and commented on.

The users of Pinterest must know because Pinterest has 4.25 times more images without faces, than images with faces.

#18 Pins have a longer average lifespan than post on other social media networks.

The average lifespan of a pin can be months.

The average Facebook post exists for a few hours and a tweet is merely minutes.

#19 Pinning is aspirational.

You are telling a story with just the picture.

The images that people pin or re-pin are ultimately their aspirations, needs, and wants.

#20 The most pinned pin is a recipe for cheesy garlic bread.


#21 Millennials use Pinterest just as much as they use Instagram.


Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social platforms among millennials, giving businesses the ideal demographic to outreach to.

#22 The average pinner has 34 boards with close to 3,000 pins. They follow over 300 pinners. 

#23 You can optimize reach by pinning 10+ times per day.

The target number of Pins per day in order to optimize reach is 10-15.

As your Pinterest audience grows, deliberately timed Pins are also an important aspect when optimizing reach on the Pinterest.

#24 Image characteristics matter a lot.

Based on a study done by Curalate, who did an interesting analysis of images on Pinterest and determined some ideal characteristics of the most shared images.

The most optimized photos have:

  • Reddish-Orange Color
  • Multiple Dominant Colors
  • Medium lightness
  • Aspect ratio between 2:3 and 4:5
  • Less than 10 percent background
  • Smooth texture
  • No faces

#25 Only 5% of U.S. small businesses use Pinterest

With all of the great Pinterest facts for businesses discussed, 95% of small businesses are not using Pinterest.

Heads up to businesses owners: Pinterest has less competition and is more costly that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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