Social Media Advertising Confessions: Everything You Need to Know About Ad Blocking

The ability for consumers to block social media advertisements is a big challenge that today’s marketers are faced with.

And with the recent rollout of iOS 9, Apple users can now easily download ad blockers for their iPhones and iPads.

What does this mean for your business?

As a social media advertising company, here is what your business needs to know about ad blockers:

The content that is blocked can vary depending on the type of ad blocker used. 

Ad blockers come in a variety of forms, and the content that is blocked can vary depending on the app used.

Typically, ad blockers will eliminate ads on a website.

However, there are also some ad blockers that will block anything that compromises a user’s privacy, such as blocking the tracking codes that allow marketers to gain information about visitors’ activities on the website.

Ad blockers can change the user experience of your website. 

There are some ad blocking apps that do not replace blocked content with anything else.

That means that if someone using one of these apps visits your website, it may appear that your website is missing content.


In other cases, content will replace the ads that are blocked or if your website designis mobile responsive your content will shift to fill the space.

Prepare to spend more per action as the use of ad blockers increase

The truth is that ad blocking is here and it might be here for good.

Keep in mind that you still run the risk of being charged for ads that reach your audience, but they do not see because of a third party ad blocking application.

This is currently the case for some of the biggest ad platforms.

Google, Youtube, Amazon, and Facebook advertisers will fall victim to ad blockers.

Moving forward, your cost per click and cost per conversion will likely rise.

Ad blocking isn’t the end of your advertising strategy.

This ad blocking scenario may not be as big of a nightmare as you think.

First, ask yourself if your audience is likely to be using ad blockers.

If you’re targeting a tech savvy crowd between the ages of 18 and 29 years of age, there is a much higher chance they are using ad blockers.

Even so, ad blocking is not mainstream enough to make a huge impact on your advertising campaigns.

The avergae amount of impressions that are ad blocked is close to 9.26%

Ad blocking usage also varies depending on browser type.

Blocking rate is found to be highest among Firefox users (17.81%), followed by Safari (11.30%) and Chrome (10.06%).

Internet Explorer averages at 3.86%; probably due to the fact that most of the older population uses it.

Considering there are over 4 billion people in the world, your odds for social media advertising success still look pretty good.

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