How to Create a Facebook Video Ad Like a Facebook Marketing Company

If you spend any time on Facebook, it’s hard to miss the number of video ads that have been appearing in newsfeeds lately.

That’s because Facebook is pushing to become a real contender for the online video platform throne, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is continuing to make video a huge focus for the social media giant.

Considering the results that Facebook video ads can deliver for your business, our Facebook marketing company thought it would be worthwhile to share some steps for creating a top notch Facebook video ad campaign:

Step 1: Define Your Objectives


The very first thing you’ll want to establish with any type of marketing campaign is your objective.

Examples could include increasing brand awareness, earning a higher engagement rate, or converting more customers.

Once you define your social media advertising objectives, you’ll need to choose which KPIs (key performance indicators) you’ll use to track your performance.

For example, to measure your increased awareness goal, you’ll want to track impressions.

If increasing conversions is your goal, you’ll want to keep an eye on CTR.

Step 2: Consider Your Target Audience


What do clients of our Facebook marketing company appreciate the most about using this social media platform?

Probably the ability to choose highly targeted audience for ad campaigns.

Before planning your video, be sure to define who this video will be marketed to.

Such understanding with help to guide you in the creation of a target aligned video and will help you choose the proper targeting when you finally decide to run your video ad, and ultimately.

Step 3: Plan Your Video


Before you even pick up your camera (or smartphone), here are some questions that you should have answers to:

  • What is the topic that your video will be based on?
  • What is the big takeaway that you want your audience to gain from your video?
  • What is your call-to-action?

After you get these questions answered, you can begin writing your script.

If you want to create a video ad like a Facebook marketing company, write what you want to say and exactly how you’re going to say it (if you’re using a voice over, for example).

As a best practice, make sure your message is brief and on point.

When it comes to video marketing, less is more.

Step 4: Make the Video

When it comes to making a video ad, a smartphone will be the ideal camera of choice for most small businesses.

However, your Facebook marketing company may recommend investing in some higher quality video gear if you see a lot of video marketing in your future.

Step 5: Setup Your Facebook Video Campaign

Access the Facebook Ad Manager and begin creating an ad.

Select “Video Views” as your objective for the ad campaign.


You’ll then choose your audience for the campaign, which you already defined in step 2.


You also have the option to retarget people that have previously visited your website, but didn’t convert.

Establish your budget and specify how much you plan to spend and over what time period.


You’ll then be asked to upload your video.

Carefully choose the thumbnail for your video as it could impact whether someone chooses to view your video or not.

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll need to edit your ad copy.

Include your CTA in addition to the text copy.

Of course, once a video campaign is setup, any good Facebook marketing company would track and evaluate the performance of your campaign using the specified KPIs for measuring your objectives.

Need help with Facebook video ads?

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