Website Design: Using Landing Pages to Boost Social Media Conversions

Do you want to get a better ROI from your social media marketing efforts?

A very effective way to accomplish this is to direct your targeted social media traffic to relevant landing pages on your website.

This could be done in the form of social media advertising, call-to-action buttons that you are using on your social media pages, or links that you include in social media posts.

Some businesses make the mistake of directing ALL traffic to the homepage of their websites.

Trust me, you’ll get better results if you direct traffic to a relevant landing page on your website that will help to facilitate the conversion.

So here is where atlanta web design company comes into the picture.

Are you building landing pages for a specific purpose, such as to entice your social media followers to sign up for an event that you are hosting?

When you ask your social media fans to take some type of action by including a link to a landing page on your website, you want to make sure that landing page is optimized to help your website visitor make it through your conversion funnel.

But how do you optimize a landing page to boost social media conversions?

Customize your landing pages to your audience and offers

First of all, consider the buyer persona that you are specifically targeting.

Next, turn to social media and speak to your audience in their language and show that you understand their needs.

Include a call-to-action (an offer with a link to your landing page) that tells your audience how they can learn more about how your product can meet their specific need.

Create a landing page that further walks your audience through how your product will benefit them, why they need it, and how they can get it.

Push them over the edge to convert by including a special offer, such as a discount on the first purchase.

Take advantage of split testing to optimize your landing pages

Are you a little unsure about what would motivate your audience to convert?

For example, if you’re concerned that your audience isn’t 100 percent sold on your business to agree to subscribe to your company newsletter, you can conduct a split test to see if another offer, such as a discount, would push your audience to convert.

Also, try split testing the colors, copy, and images on your landing pages to find the combination that maximizes conversions.

Conducting split testing is an excellent way to gain better insight into your audience’s mind and learn which factors cause them to convert.

Other best practices to keep in mind with landing pages

When using website design to optimize your landing pages, you’ll want to keep it simple by only including one call-to-action.

You’ll also want to make sure that you always deliver on your promise.

So, if you’re offering a free sample in exchange for a one-step sign up, make sure you don’t make your audience jump through hoops to claim your offer.

As you can see, landing pages play a critical role in website design services and assisting with conversions.

To learn more about our website design services and what you can do to get more conversions with your social media marketing efforts, get in contact.

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