Top of the Line Web Building Tools and Platforms for 2017

It’s always exciting to see new or upgraded website building tools and platforms. Newer isn’t necessarily better of course, and upgrades do not always mean game-changing changes have taken place. The very best tools and platforms are out there of course, but it often takes some serious digging to locate them.

It helps to know what to look for. Price and ease of use are important but characteristics like flexibility and customizability tend to set the top-tier website builders apart from the rest.

– Flexible content management is a key characteristic. It encourages faster design workflow and lessens any need for excessive rework.

– A tool that helps you build a responsive website, with an engaging, friendly UX, is a must.

– Look for a platform with plenty of widgets. The more there are, the more options you have to work with.

– You also want to be able to integrate your websites with social media.

We’ve done the digging for you; and we’ve come up with these: the best of the best!



The SnapPages website-building platform has been rebuilt from the ground up. The creators decided to focus more heavily on user needs and wants, and on the platform’s core, as opposed to loading it down with a multiplicity of features. Mobile considerations were also a priority during the rebuilding task.

SnapPages’ creators fully understand the direction Internet browsing is taking, and did not, as is the case with many platforms, treat mobile as a postscript or afterthought. Your pages will look great on any device’s display.

Ease of use is a prime characteristic of the SnapPages 3.0 drag and drop editor. Anyone can use it, and when combined with an excellent selection of responsive, professionally-designed templates, this editor will get your project off to a solid start; and maintain momentum throughout the building process.

Special features enable you to create great-looking one page websites quickly and easily. Other unique features make this platform a blogger’s dream to work with as well.



Webflow is a visual website builder. You can create production code as you proceed, without having to handwrite a line of code yourself. Webflow isn’t just another template-driven builder. Your vision of what you want to achieve, and a blank canvas, is all you need to get started.

Webflow is much more than a code-generating tool. You can also create a custom database for each website you build and design around that content. This visual builder, in combination with its customizable CMS, gives you the flexibility you have a right to expect.

If you are a freelancer, you don’t have to hand your project over to a developer. If you’re a member of an in-house design team, you can use Webflow to produce fully-functional prototypes to hand off to coders, team members, or clients.

500,000 Webflow designers can’t be wrong. Try it for free, and see for yourself.



With its integrated e-commerce, client proofing, portfolio-building, and blogging capabilities, Pixpa has something for anyone whose goal is to build beautiful websites. Designed for both creative pros and small businesses, Pixpa will enable you to build a professional website without writing a line of code.

Beautifully customizable themes, and Pixpa’s drag and drop builder, makes building a responsive, SEO-friendly, and social media enabled website a quick and easy task. There are plenty of custom pages, forms, calendars, and gallery layouts, to help you on your way. You’ll also appreciate how easy it is to share your efforts with clients for proofing and receiving feedback.

Pixpa makes selling online as straightforward as possible. You can get an online store up and running without stress, and you’re provided with tools and resources to create shipping lists, process orders, create and manage a catalog.


Simbla Website Builder

Built on a Bootstrap framework, Simbla is a website, application, and database building platform. Features include responsive website templates (everything you build is tablet and mobile optimized), professional designer and developer tools, and a special selection of SEO tools.

With Simbla you can have a website up and running in a matter of minutes. There’s no need to install anything; just sign up, and Simba’s web-based platform is ready to use.



If you’ve ever wondered what unleashing the power of Artificial Intelligence could do for your website-building effort, Bookmark has the answer. This brand new (28 February launch date) drag and drop website builder uses AI properties to produce websites that closely conform to your users wants. Millions of user-related data combinations are analyzed to create a unique, personalized website –  from the user’s perspective.


Themify Builder

Themify Builder can be used as a standalone WordPress builder, or with any Themify or third-party WordPress theme. The backend drag and drop builder and frontend visual editor mode make putting a website together a snap.

Professionally design layouts are included, and a Duplicate feature will help to speed up your prototyping tasks. The Builder also comes with 60+ animation effects.



Simvoly is an excellent platform if you need to get an online business up and running quickly. Simvoly has all tools you need to build a stunning online store, create a portfolio or gallery, or publish your blogs. Once your website is online, you can start selling right away, and there are no transaction fees involved. Sign up for a 14-day free trial. Live chat support is there should you have questions.



uCoz provides a ton of features that make building a personal website an easy task. No coding is required, but there’s a twist. If you’re the type who insists on full code control or prefers to edit production code to fine-tune your site, uCoz lets you get under the hood – and do just that!



A close relative of uCoz, uKit is for those seeking a perfect solution to building a business website. Pre-existing content makes doing so a piece of cake. All that’s required is substituting the pre-existing content with your own, and you’re ready to be up and running. It’s all drag and drop and content substitution, with no coding required. Promotional and performance analysis tools are included.



SITE123 is another website building tool where it’s mainly a matter of entering your content to get things up and running. A cool selection of styles and layouts will help you get started. No special skills or coding are required. Your websites will be totally responsive and SEO friendly.

SITE123 charges a low monthly fee, but when you sign up, you can build your first website for free!


Summing up

Each of these tools and platforms is remarkably easy to use. In some cases, it’s merely a matter of adding or substituting your own content. None require coding (one however, allows it for developers who want full control).

If you’ve always wondered how artificial intelligence can help you build a better website, there’s something here for you. You need not worry about satisfying the mobile crowd either. Each of these tools produces mobile-friendly results.

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