50 Unique Business Cards That Will Make Your Mind Explode

Business cards are sadly often overlooked, resulting in dull and boring cards that are easily forgotten. At MOO we know business cards can give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, be unique, and say something about yourself and your brand.

But business cards needn’t be dull or boring – in this post we will take a look at the opposite end of the scale. OK – your mind might not actually explode, but we’ve collected some of the most fascinating, creative and truly unique business cards that stretch the limits of design and imagination, grabbing your attention like a dropkick to the head.

These designs may not be ‘right‘ for many brands, or indeed always work in the real world due to time or cost constraints, but they should help inspire you, and encourage you to think a little more creatively!

1. 3D Business Cards – If you work in 3D design, what better way to show off your work than with 3d glasses in your business card!

2. Jack Sparrow – Even pirates need a business card…

3. Dept Of Energy – Unique, although perhaps not for the wallet!

4. Multi Purpose

5. Hungry? – Edible business cards.

6. Brushed Steel – Smooth. Classy.

7. Folders – The Tiniest Pocket of Information

8. Wooden – Ideal if you work in carpentry…

9. Torn In Half – Like your marriage.

10. Folding Cards

11. Pop-Up Cards – Cute.

12. The motherboard – Beauty in design can be found in the strangest places.

13. Dog tags – The dogs.

14. Broken Card – Hi Yah!! Karate cards.

15. Transparent

16. On Fire – Literally.

17. Cut! – This would be cool for a film company. A little fragile though?

18. Google Me – Your SEO better be good…

19. Cassette Cards – with the cassette case as the card holder? Cool.

20. Easel – Stand your cards up to stand out!

21. Pop Out Cards

22. Ninja Stars – Everyone loves a ninja.

23. Break The Ice – say hello like Chris Spooner.

24. Playing Cards – Ace. Oh, they are all jokers.

25. Comb – Very cool for hairdressers.

26. Interactive Cards

27. On A Peg?

28. Ticket Stubs

29. Like A Tramp

30. Teabags or Confetti – Just don’t get them mixed up.

31. Use Humour

32. Cat Flap

33. Advanced Laser Cutting

34. Saw Blades

35. Map Your Card

36. Sweet!

37. Sponge

38. X-ray – Ouch.

39. Fill Your Card – Sweet.

40. TAM Cargo Boxes

41. Plastic Cards?

42. Tiger Beer – Stunning cards.

43. Coupon Cards

44. Penny Shooter

45. Secret Agent Man

46. Nissan Skyline

47. Another Blooming Designer

48. Beaten, Unbeaten

49. Model Aircraft

50. Emerson Taymor – Who? Well, you won’t forget with this card.

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