The Benefits Of Using Agile Software Development

Scrum is a flexible and collaborative way to manage a software project. It’s a framework that lets you move quickly and pivot easily when needed.

While scrum is favored among many technology leaders, what makes it so attractive for managing projects? Below, technology executives from Forbes Technology Council explain how and why adopting agile methods can help your team achieve their goals.

1. A Faster Feedback Cycle

Oftentimes, you build something exactly as per requirements, but it turns out that’s not what business stakeholders wanted. Instead of finding that out six months after the project started, scrum helps you avoid that by providing something tangible to show users by the end of the first sprint. Then you get feedback and continue to iterate until you build something everyone is happy with.

2. The Change Is Constant

The key benefit of the agile methodology is that it acknowledges the reality of a software project — namely, that things will change. Adhering to agile-friendly project management frameworks like Scrum keeps changes from disrupting a project and turns them into a positive, both for the project’s outcome and the team.

3. It Identifies Problems Early

Daily, all-hands scrums keep meetings brief and staff on track. Bigger problems get identified early and taken offline without wasting the time of the entire team down the road.

4. Flexible Prioritization

Scrum methodology allows us to be flexible in prioritizing customer-driven features. Within each sprint boundary, we are able to better manage our shippable units of work and make overall progress towards a final product milestone. To get a timely ROI from engineering, their work needs to be shipped and customers need to realize value from those features as early as possible.

5. Maintaining a High Potential for Customer Satisfaction

Scrums allow teams to respond to changing plans effectively and measure productivity over time to anticipate future workload. Customers are happy because they have a higher probability of getting what they wanted. Internal teams are happy since they can fix important bugs and push them out the door faster.

6. Seeing the Benefits of Your Labor Sooner

When done correctly, you gain value (and customer learning) iteratively. This allows you to harvest the benefits of your labor sooner, and course correct as needed.

7. Free Commitment and Accountability Measurement

Working in sprints allows you to accurately measure your team’s accountability and level of commitment. This helps you understand your team’s velocity, which allows you to set realistic levels of commitment. Once you’re here, you’re able to more accurately make promises to the business, which leads to success.

8. No Need to Waste Time Creating and Adjusting Detailed Project Plans

Scrum acknowledges that the best solutions come from an iterative learning process with frequent releases. In traditional project management, there is a lot of energy spent on managing a project plan as things are learned. Scrum acknowledges that learning is a part of the process and removes the need to make plans that are going to change anyway allowing full focus on the task at hand.

9. It Gives Your Team Purpose

Most agile methodologies focus on creating a shared sense of ownership and goals for the team. Use this to give your team “purpose” instead of trying to artificially create urgency. Purposeful teams get more done and set a faster pace for themselves.

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