Write A High-Quality Blog Post With These 6 Tips

Here are the steps of writing a blog post:

  1. You sit in front of your computer.
  2. You grab a topic from your editorial calendar.
  3. You start writing your blog post.

Is that all? NO!

  • It’s not about how many words you put into your new piece of content.
  • It’s not about how frequently you mentioned the focus keyword.

It’s the quality (and only the quality) of your blog post which matters.

You’re not writing articles to just fill up your blog with content. You’re not blogging for the sake of making money. You’re supposed to be writing for one reason:

  • To help your readers.

You need also to create something new while writing up your blog post.

Something that will make it rock and stand out among those other resources that are available elsewhere online.

For example, when I decided to write about ‘how to make money blogging’, I made sure to include successful iconic examples of other bloggers like Harsh Agrawal and how they managed to get this blogging thing working for them.

Not just that, but I also added myself into the comparison. I mentioned how much money I was making from blogging and what I was intending to do to level it up.

Writing up a blog post requires some sort of personalization.

It should let the reader believe that they can do the same thing (or even better) while at the same time inspiring them with amazing thoughts and ideas coming from the author’s personal experiences.

In this article, I will walk you through on how to write a quality blog post. I will be mentioning a few simple, easy-to-apply steps which will enhance your post quality and will help you level up your blog content.

1 Make An Agenda

We just can’t pick a topic and write hundreds of pages on it without any agenda. We need to recognize how the content will be driving readers. Keep in mind the end goals which will make your content worthy of a reader’s gratitude.

It’s really important to set up and maintain an editorial calendar.

After you pick a topic, put in a few sub-points that you’re going to discuss in the article.

This way you will maintain a well-created outline with a clear target goal to reach your readers.

2 Create A Brilliant Title

You need to stand out from the crowd by inventing brilliant titles.

Boring titles that only say what your blog post is about is not going to give you many readers.

Creating a great title is another essential process you need to spend time on. You need to make sure that your blog post is weaponed with an amazing, brilliant, and click-worthy title.

Regardless of how excellent your blog post is, most individuals can’t focus for more than 20 minutes.

  • Make sure your point is clear from the beginning.

The title here is the first connection between you and your reader. 

Make it as excellent as possible to draw your readers in like a magnet.

3 Keep It Clean & Organized

In addition to a proper title, you also need well-formatted headings and an organized structure.

Unorganized information is completely fruitless.

While all of the information is important, writing it in an unorganized format will confuse your reader. A confused reader will leave your page immediately.

I usually prefer to write the first draft of my new blog post on Microsoft Word.

After completing it as a draft, I copy it over to the WordPress (my preferred blogging platform) Editor. I actually love using Microsoft Word at the draft writing stage.

Regardless of whether or not I have internet access, I can turn my thoughts into a new blog post with Microsoft Word.

You – as a blogger – should have Microsoft Word, or any other offline writing software, installed and configured on your laptop if you’re really serious about your blogging career. This way you can guarantee that you can start blogging wherever you are.

After finishing your first draft, it’s time to start cleaning and organizing to ensure that your post is good enough to be published.

Make sure to put in:

  • Headings
  • Bullet lists
  • Numbered lists
  • Multilevel lists
  • etc.

Remember, your #1 goal is to help your readers, so make sure you’re delivering your content in the best way possible.

4 Write Down The Truth


It’s a necessity to write down the truth.

You need to deliver the true message of whatever you’re blogging about.

As a reader, I can easily find information about what you’ve been blogging about via various other online resources.

What makes me read your blog is that I want to hear from you.

Make sure to respect your readers by delivering trustworthy content.

For example, if I’m writing a review post, I make sure to always try it out before delivering a review to my readers.

Let’s say I’m writing a blog post about how great banana juice is. I first prepare some banana juice and taste it to ensure I can be truthful in my review before dumping it on my blog for my readers.

Guaranteeing the truth within your blog posts is what will build your credibility and authority in your niche. Otherwise, people won’t trust what you’re saying and they will leave your website.

5 Personalize Your Content

Let me ask you a question:

  • Why did you decide to start up a blog?

I’m sure there are many answers, but one of them is probably:

  • “To build up a personal brand”.

You need to personalize your content in order to build up your own personal brand. It’s straightforward, isn’t it?

You’re having great ideas and turning them into amazing blog posts. That’s really fabulous. But are you simply mentioning great points to your readers?

Or are you spending the time and going the extra mile to show them your personal experience with each of these points?

I stumbled upon a blog post a few days ago where the writer was mentioning “84 proven methods on how to make money via your blog”. I liked the idea of the blog post and I was very keen on reading it.

But after opening the post, I was disappointed to see that the author only mentionedthose 84 methods and didn’t write anything else about them. He didn’t walk the extra mile for his readers and talk about his experience with these “proven” methods.

This is what readers and blog followers are looking for; personalized thoughts and ideas which they can apply themselves.

  • Make sure to personalize your blog posts.

Talk about yourself, your thoughts, and your personal experiences.

6 On-Page SEO


In the above-mentioned points, I made it clear on how should you speak to your readers:

  1. Prepare an agenda
  2. Create great titles
  3. Organize points
  4. Write trustworthy content
  5. Be personal

But how do you speak to search engines?

You still need to tell the web-index bots about your new blog post so it can be indexed and archived the right way. Search engines can be your first source of traffic if youmaintain your posts well and keep them highly optimized.

On-page SEO includes various items:

  • URL slugs
  • Focus keywords
  • Post titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image alt tags
  • Headings
  • Inbound and outbound links
  • and more…

If you’re on a self-hosted WordPress blog, I highly recommend installing and configuring the Yoast SEO plug-in.

Yoast will tell you which things need to be corrected for better on-page SEO results.

Wrap UP

There are different ways by which you can produce high-quality content on your blog.

The most important factor is to make sure you choose the right blogging niche.

  • You also need to be persistent and consistent.

Follow these 6 tips and watch as your blog grows in traffic, revenue, and authority.

I would appreciate you sharing your personal experiences about writing high-quality content for your blog. I always make sure to reply to every single comment on my blog posts. So, let’s fire the discussion up!

See you in the comments section below..

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