To earn and maintain reputation is a major objective of marketer. He therefore tries to make his brand famous both in local market as well as international market. This objective is achieved by adopting effective marketing strategies and to target customers and audience appropriately.

Different types of marketing tools and software’s are available online to make marketing less complicated process and it also consists of optimove. Optimove is marketing software which provides a framework specially to online companies. It helps in making personalization process more easy and beneficial.

Features of Optimove


  • To predict customer behavior regarding any product is major emphasis of company.
  • Company desires to know the effect of lowering or increasing the price of product.
  • In case of any change in product process or outlook customers show a certain behavior towards it.
  • This is a unique software helping in predicting customer.
  • This software helps in detecting customer buying behavior.
  • It also helps in attracting past customers through marketing and advertising strategies.
  • It is also useful in call centers as it helps in converting more leads to sale.
  • It helps in earning more profit for the business as it helps in outlining strategies to attract customers by using new offers.

This difficult process is carried out as it categorized customers into various classes according to their choice and buying decisions already taken by them.

If marketer is aware of customer choice and his action towards it he can therefore adopt offers and changes which will appeal customer towards product as customers want to diversify products. Best decisions can therefore made as testing helps in making more effective decisions.

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