What do you think the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is? Let’s find out.

Small businesses struggle with the decision as to how to approach their marketing since their budget will only seek to go for one option and not both. This is not an easy decision to make since both the ways have their respective advantages. There are various questions that will need to be answered as you figure the best marketing channel for your company.

How do I know that the marketing channel is working?

Which method will give me a more solid effect and reach for my capital?

Should I do it on my own?

To bring clarity to the terms..

Traditional marketing entails the use of print adverts on magazines and newspapers. Commercial Tv and radio, billboards and flyers placed in mailboxes are also included in traditional marketing. When we talk about digital marketing, it entails building a website for your business, advertising through social media such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Back to traditional vs digital marketing, we have outlined above the definite description of each method of advertising. Firstly, we are going to look at the benefits of each method.

Benefits of Traditional Marketing 

Traditional marketing can play in your intended location easily in order to reach your target audience. For example, when you use a mailbox flyer, you can easily reach your target household in different regions.

The materials here can be kept, that is, the hard copy of the material can be read and browsed through over and over again.

It is easy to understand since most people are already used to this strategy and they have grown up using them.

Disadvantages of traditional marketing

The interaction between the customers and the medium used is really low. It is basically a one-way communication from the material to the public, hoping that the information endears to the people in order for them to purchase what is being sold.

Radio and print media is very costly. Materials for printing are expensive and you will need to hire distribution channels, which also turns out to be expensive.

The results in this type of marketing are not easy to measure.

Benefits of digital marketing

You can interact with the audience quite easily by the use of social media. In this platform, interaction is highly encouraged if not natural. There is no audience interaction in the traditional form of communication. Your clients, followers and prospective clients can be incited to take action by either calling, visiting your website or rating the services once rendered.

Digital marketing is cost effective. There are some people who pay for ads; the cost is cheaper compared to marketing traditionally.

You can target a local audience even by age or demography. This is done by creating a campaign that is specific to your audience, making the marketing effective in a holistic sense.


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