Introduction: – Hadoop was developed by the computer experts Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella in 2006 to assists delivery for the Nutch search engine. It was encouraged by, a software framework of Google’s Map Reduce in which an application is portioned into copious small parts. Any of these portions, which are also known as fragments or blocks, can be run on any system in the cluster. After years of development contained by the open source community, Hadoop 1.0 became widely available in November 2012 as part of the Apache project supported by the Apache Software Foundation.

Here are some other benefits to using Hadoop: 

Helps to analysis the data in-house – Hadoop makes it useful to work with the massive amount of data and modify the result without having the result the work to specialist service supporters. In-house projects are more favorable than outsourcing. The in-house projects are safe and responsive it also eludes the ongoing operational expense of outsourcing.


Organizations have full control over their data – By using Hadoop any organization can avail the full advantage of all their data – structured and unstructured, current and previous. It is also favorable for return on investment by dragging more values to the data itself the legacy systems used to collect, process, and store the data, including ERP and CRM systems, social media programs, sensors, industrial automation systems, etc. 

In addition, Hadoop has some fundamental features that limit its proficiencies. Here are some of the most-cited restrictions and reproaches regarding Hadoop. 

  1. Storage requirements – Hadoop’s built-in termination duplicates data, thereby requiring more storage resources.
  2. Limited SQL support – Hadoop lacks some of the query functions that SQL database users are familiarized to.
  3. Limited native security – Hadoop does not convert data while in storage or when on the network. Additionally, Hadoop is based on Java, which is a frequent target for malware and other hacks.
  4. Component limitations – There are multiple specific disapprovals regarding limitations of Hadoop’s four core components. Some of these limitations are resolved by third-party solutions, but the functionality is lacking in Hadoop itself.

Careers with Hadoop 

When a candidate joins an organization after completing the Big Data Hadoop Training in Noida, the role and responsibilities are very much responsive than others in that company. As a Hadoop expert, you can join an organization at the following positions.

  • Hadoop Developer
  • Hadoop Architect
  • Hadoop Tester
  • Hadoop Administrator
  • Data Scientist

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