This is a desktop based Bulk WhatsApp marketing software. This software has one of the most advanced and WhatsApp look alike features that you can expect out of a Automation tool for sending Bulk WhatsApp marketing messages. You can send text, images, audios, videos & vCard using this tool. WHATSAPP MARKETING

You can also filter users from the list of contacts you have available for sending messages and then find the active users who are using WhatsApp. And even further, you can then filter WhatsApp users based on the Last Seen status of WhatsApp users. For example, out of 10000 contacts you have 7000 people on WhatsApp. You further segment the list based on user’s last seen status on WhatsApp. So, weeding out users who have not been active in the past 6 months. And sending messages to only active users who will actually see your messages. This ways not only do you save the time & efforts to market to wrong people. But, also find more interactions, better conversions, better response over your WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

Another advanced feature of this software is FUTURE DATED MESSAGES – This feature allows you to send future dated messages using FUTURE time-stamp. So, the users who are receiving messages will get messages which are 2 (or any future date you decide) messages. Let’s say today is 26th May and we run the campaign today. Messages will be delivered today itself but the date that user will see will be 2 days in advance i.e. 28th May. So, till the time the date crosses their mobile’s time. They will continue seeing your message at the top of their WhatsApp chat window. Allowing you to get more visibility. And surely, 100% open rate over your WhatsApp messages.


There are two ways you can use WhatsApp Bulk Sender – WhatsApp marketing software:


This settings allows you to keep your WhatsApp Channels/Senders active for long term. So that you can keep using the same WhatsApp number to keep sending WhatsApp messages.

Let’s say you add 1000 WhatsApp Channel into the software – So, basically you have 1000 WhatsApp activated number in the software which acts as an army of WhatsApp users who can send messages for your brand, product or services on a daily basis.

Now, in order to keep your channel safe & able to use for longer time. You need to set the limit by 9 messages per day per channel. This ways all the messages are divided into these 1000 Channels by the software automatically which allows you to send upto 9000 WhatsApp messages daily using 1000 WhatsApp channels.

If you wish to increase the daily limit then you have to add more channels which can be bought separately through different providers such as, or

Many people who are selling WhatsApp marketing services across the globe are using this software to send out messages to their customers & clients these days. And from time to time whenever I have tried other solutions WhatsApp Bulk Sender has been the only company who had the fastest updates available for new versions. Along with have excellent support for adding new features into the software and providing support for running WhatsApp campaigns.


These settings are for people who don’t care about keeping their WhatsApp channels alive for long term uses. Their idea is to just scale their WhatsApp marketing promotions to the maximum numbers from each channel and then simply buy/create/scrape more channels in order to run the next campaign.

Using WhatsApp Bulk Sender (NOTE: 1.9 version or above). You can use their FAST send option which allows you to send maximum number of messages using one channel in one go. This feature has been added recently. After, WhatsApp had become lenient in allowing WhatsApp users to send mass messages to a lot of people in one go.

So, the software according to my trial & errors has allowed to send anywhere from 200 to even 1200 messages in one go from ONE channel. Of course, how many messages you can send exactly? No one knows, that’s because their are so many variables involved in the sending process. (Which I may discuss in my other upcoming blog posts here.)

But, let’s say you add 1000 WhatsApp Channels into the software and want to send MASS WhatsApp marketing messages in ONE go.

Then, 1000 Channels X 200 messages (average) = 2,00,000 messages in single go using FAST Speed settings.

This settings is ideal for people who firstly want to reach out to large number of audience. Secondly, they want to get the best Return on Investment on their investment in terms of software or channels purchased.

I see a lot of mobile marketing agency, SMS Marketing companies, Digital marketing agencies, etc. running their campaign in this manner. That’s surely feasible, cost-effective and it’s really good to take this route then the safe method.

If you don’t care about receiving incoming messages or replies from your campaigns. Then, FAST SEND i.e. also known as TURBO speed settings are the best.

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