7 Types of Social Media Cybercrimes and How Women Should Deal With It

This is a question I come across frequently – ‘Are Women Safe On The Internet?’. Here’s a short and quick and short answer – Yes, they are! But it requires them to take a few steps because it’s always better to be safe than sorry! Just when I was thinking of drafting a story on this topic, I got an opportunity to associate with U.S. Consulate Chennai to become part of their women’s day week and transform this knowledge to them. I am no expert in Cyber Security, but I had to talk about this topic after I learnt someone hacked my Facebook account and un-friended some of best friends and tampered with my privacy settings.[…]


5 IT Technologies that will get you a 20,000 salary package

Since its introduction, the IT sector is booming like never before in India and top-notched IT companies across the world assign the IT projects to Indian offshore companies as it is cost effective. If you have completed your degree or diploma in Computer Engineering or Information Technology, there are endless opportunities with handsome packages. All you need to do is to become a master in a particular IT technology and the sky is the limit for you.


How to become a Professional Networking Engineer

A technology professional who is having specific skills to support, implement and plan the computer networks that support in-house voice, data, video and wireless network services is called network engineer. Somewhere you may find similar type of job titles like network engineer and network administrator, a network engineer generally has more executive responsibilities than a network administrator.



Data science is itself a strong tool for data scientists, data analysts, and business intelligence, then what is the need of adding Python with it? Answer is so simple, to accelerate the work or in simple word if we say, to improve the quality, and quantity of task without consuming more time. Their primary attention of the trainee of Data science with python is on learning the use of the tool perfectly.


Code Optimization: The Optimal Way to Optimize

Performance optimization is one of the biggest threats to your code.

You may be thinking, not another one of those people. I understand. Optimization of any kind should clearly be a good thing, judging by its etymology, so naturally, you want to be good at it.

Not just to set yourself apart from the crowd as a better developer. Not just to avoid being “Dan” on The Daily WTF, but because you believe code optimization is the Right Thing to Do™. You take pride in your work. […]



The legal method adopted to track vulnerabilities in the operating environments of information systems is known as ethical hacking. With the proliferation of Internet in departments of all organisations including governments, data security has become a major concern. Organisations have realised that the best way to evaluate their system security is to make independent computer security professionals try and gain access into their systems.[…]


4 Reasons Why Every Blogger Needs To Write A Book

Imagine you have a friend who excitedly tells you that he’s learning to cook. Every day he spends hours planning out recipes, buying ingredients, chopping, grilling, and seasoning until he finally has the perfect creation.

And then, after all of his hard work, he takes a few bites and throws away the rest.

Frustrating, right? […]